Do you need help selling your property portfolio?

What are your options?

There are several options out there when it comes to selling, be it from private companies or larger portfolio sale outfits, and for those that think waiting might be the best option to get the highest price, you may even be tempted to list your portfolio with an Estate Agent. However despite what all these options promise, they’re unlikely to deliver what you need.

Most companies are unable to sell large portfolios in one go, they often need to break the properties down into chunks to sell to individual buyers. This can be frustrating as many of us are looking to get out fast, and with a clean, hassle free break. Then there’s Estate Agents: yes, they’ll get you 100% market value, but when you dismantle the strategy it doesn’t make economic sense: evict the tenants – which could take months, or even up to a year, then list each property one by one until the whole portfolio is sold – which brings with it a barrage of lengthy paperwork and time-consuming individual admin. We recently reported a landlord who attempted this and only ended up selling 14 properties over a whopping and painful 8 years. For that extra percentage value, the potential of lost income from the vacant properties while they’re on the market is very rarely worth it.

Who are the best portfolio exit specialists out there to help?

If you’re struggling to sell your property portfolio, or don’t know where to start, you’ll want to know about Landlord Sales Agency. Our team are specialists in both selling buy to let property portfolios in one go, in less than a week, and doing it in a way that beats anyone else out there.

Sell Your Property Portfolio In One Go

No need to spit up your properties into chunks to sell, no need to wait, and no need to settle on the price you want for the entire portfolio. We’ll take it all off your hands, and we’ll manage the sale for you from start to finish for 80 – 90% market value.There’s also no need to evict the tenants – we’re experts at selling tenanted properties meaning you can continue collecting rent until point of sale. Our team of experts have 20 years of experience in taking the entire portfolio off your hands, and our private buyer list of over 30,000 buyers wanting to buy whole portfolios in one go means we’re able to sell your entire portfolio in less than a week. And because we’re partners of LandlordZONE, we go above and beyond to deliver exactly what our landlords need.


So if you’re looking to sell your property portfolio, there’s no better team than the Landlord Sales Agency to get the job done. All you have to do is reach out, we’ll do the rest.