How can selling property at 80 – 90% of their market value ever make the most sense financially?

You may have read the recent article on why a private Landlord with a property portfolio of 200+ buy-to-lets would choose to sell his properties for 80-90% of the market value. Now it’s time to hear from him in his own words.

When Alasdair decided it was the right time to scale back from his full time business of being a private landlord, he tried to sell his properties for 100% of the market value through traditional estate agents and treaty sales. However, through experience, he realised that the higher price he thought he was getting took far longer, increasing the amount of time that the properties stood empty before, during and after a sale, ultimately costing him more than accepting a sale at 80 – 90% of their value which only took 28 days. That’s when he turned to Landlord Sales Agency:

Alasdair In his office

Alasdair is not alone. Across the UK landlords are looking to sell their property portfolios in full, so they can cash in and retire. With taxes, new regulations, and an uncertain economy, prices may never be this high again. The window to sell is closing, the time to act is now, and the team at Landlord Sales Agency have proven they can get the job done.