Is It Time To Sell Your Buy-To-Let Portfolio?

It’s a theme that’s becoming more and more common – if you were in any doubt, there’s absolutely no denying it, now is the time for us to sell up our property portfolios, cash in and retire while the market is still high, and before the window closes. Many of us have hit our fifties and sixties and have been in the landlord buy-to-let game for a while, but with the new legislations, EPC upgrades and tax changes coming into effect, it’s time to get out while the going is good and take away the pain and hassle that will come from holding onto the property machines that have served us for the last decade and counting.

Until now, none of us knew the best strategy, but it’s becoming increasingly clear there’s one company that landlords across the UK are turning towards to solve their problems. From £1 million to £10 million plus portfolios, portfolio expert specialists Landlord Sales Agency know exactly what it takes to deliver what you need: a big lump sum in the bank for an unbeatable 80% – 90% of the market value, fast, and the financial freedom to do whatever you want. A huge bang for your buck from the Formula 1 style team who will take it all off your hands in just 7 days.

This landlord sold her portfolio of 23 properties in one go, in less than a week

For Shauna, that’s exactly what happened when she reached out to us. Shauna had been in property for 30 years, and like many of us who’ve been keeping a close eye on the market, she’d decided that she wanted to sell off some properties. Back then, her initial strategy was to sell on the open market as and when the properties became empty, however the method didn’t work: taking her 8 years to sell just 14 in a long, drawn-out process.

After turning 60 this year she decided that now was the time to retire and needed a fast solution. She decided to sell 23 and keep 10. That’s when she contacted Landlord Sales Agency. She had looked around at other agencies to sell her portfolio, but none of them were able to sell so many in one go, all of them required her to break the portfolio down into smaller chunks, which she didn’t want to do.

She decided she wanted to get rid of 23 in one go.

She liked the idea of a quick sale. At every point of the process Landlord Sales Agency kept her up to speed and informed. In addition they said she could use her own solicitor which made her feel more comfortable and in control. As well as this LSA said that they would pay the solicitor fees which was a huge bonus. Straight away LSA had offers flooding in, and she was shocked to find a buyer who wanted to buy the whole portfolio for the exact price that she wanted. In her words “it was tremendous.”

“the whole team are so professional, you only have to pick the phone up and speak to them. 9 times out of 10 your team were phoning me to give me updates! I was thinking this is terrific. I didn’t have to worry, I didn’t have to do any work, it just went through really smoothly. I’ve got 10 left, and when I decide to sell them, which I will do, you’ll be the first people that I contact. I can’t praise you enough.”

Shauna – Landlord of 30 years

If you’ve been looking for a sign to sell, this is it. Pick up the phone and give us a call today – you could cash in quicker than you think.