Landlord Sells Entire Property Portfolio For £2.3 Million In 9 Days And Believes Other Landlords Should Follow

The property market is sky high, an occurrence that happens just once every 7 years, so it’s no surprise that Landlords and Landlord Associations are in agreement that right now is the time to sell your buy-to-let portfolios.

We’ve all done it: built up a portfolio of buy-to-lets that have allowed us financial freedom over the last decade. But as tax rates increase, and the years go by, they’ve started to become more hassle than they’re worth. The problem is, when do you cash in to squeeze the most money out of them as possible? The answer is now, and there’s only one company that will do exactly that.

Property Portfolio Sold In 9 Days

For a Landlord in Hastings, that’s exactly what happened when he reached out to the team. He’d built up a portfolio of 24 flats across two blocks. All of them were tenanted, and seemed like a mammoth mission to sell up. From the moment he reached out to the Landlord Sales Agency, they knew exactly what to do. Straight away the properties were listed, and in just 9 days the whole of the first block was sold for £1.165 million. The second block didn’t even go on the market, the buyers were so impressed by the service, they bought the entire second block with just one viewing for an additional £1.091 million. Every tenant was kept on, with no relocation issues and zero hassle. The Landlord was able to sit back and relax while the team at Landlord Sales Agency did all the work.

It seems almost unheard of, but for Landlord Sales Agency, this is a story that’s happening every single week. What’s more, they have buyers ready to go and queuing up to buy properties. It’s really that simple. So if you’re a Landlord who is ready to retire and cash in, you’ll never get a better moment than right now with the Landlord Sales Agency. It’s time to make the call.