30,000 Strong List Of Buy-To-Let and Portfolio Buyers is Growing at a Rate Since 2021

This last year has been an incredible one for Landlord Sales Agency. From entering the market as the top landlord portfolio exit specialists, to delivering on our promises to Property118 landlords to sell their entire portfolios, we’ve seen success stories time after time. And with so many landlords coming to us to sell their portfolios whilst they can get the highest price, and before the market drops, we’ve been eager to increase our database of buyers wanting to buy.

Last year we made it our mission to expand our database of buyers to match the influx of sellers, especially those in London, and since then we’ve seen a rush of property portfolio buyers and private investors joining our A-list to sign up for the best off-market deals. In London alone, we’ve onboarded an extensive list of buyers wanting to buy 50 – 100 properties in one go, which indicates one thing: the market for purchasing whole portfolios is increasing.

Perfect time to sell your property portfolio

It’s also perfect timing for those wanting to get out of the business and sell: cash in for the highest price now, and hand over the ropes to the next generation of landlords. Many of us are reaching our fifties and sixties, our mortgages might be coming to the end of their terms, and it’s time we took the lump sum of money for the whole portfolio to be taken off our hands stress-free, and started enjoying life. There’s no denying, that with so many buyers ready to buy, the perfect opportunity is now.

It makes sense therefore, that with the rise of landlords making the decision to exit their portfolios, the amount of buyers we’ve seen come to us have been increasing. Be it private buyers, or B2B house buying companies, we’ve seen our list hit record highs since 2021, and we’re only one month into the new year. It’s great news for everyone involved.

So if you’re looking to buy, or looking to sell, get in touch today. There’s no better team out there than ours, and we’re ready to take your call.