Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Trust the industry leaders in landlord portfolio sales

* 20 years’ experience
* 2,500 properties sold
* 300 properties bought
* 30,000 buyer database

It couldn't be easier to sell a landlord portfolio

We’re industry experts who can sell your
properties for the best price no matter what the problems.

We sell fast, selling your properties in
28 days or less, handling every step on your behalf.

We’re experienced, with 20 years of
experience in selling properties, specifically for Landlords.

We’re successful, our experts
have personally got over the line 2,500 houses just like yours.

Established experts

The Landlord Sales Agency was established by co-founder of the National Association of Property Buyers David Coughlin, and private landlord Maz Saleem. Together they have unrivalled experience in the landlord property sales industry having purchased over 300 buy to let properties over the last 15 years.

As landlords ourselves, we have a unique understanding of the challenges you face, both in running your properties and selling a property portfolio. This knowledge means we can fix any problem that could stall your sale, so you get your money fast and hassle-free.

An experienced team

Our two directors are backed by an enthusiastic and experienced team who live by the company mantra that we will always do exactly what we say we will do – with no excuses and no compromise. With over twenty years’ experience of landlord property sales, covering 2,500 individual properties, we know how to get things done to get your property sold.

A vast network

Landlord Sales Agency has built up a vast network of 30,000 buyers and investors who trust us to bring them the best properties and who are prepared to pay the best prices for them. We’re also trusted by numerous specialist investment companies who are on the lookout for complete portfolios.

This means we can often find a buyer straight away, with no delay, and arrange entire landlord property portfolio sales in one easy transaction.


Absolutely! Our team can sell your property in any condition, either tenanted or with vacant possession. We have our own company builders who will fix any issues raised during valuation and survey, to ensure nothing stops your property selling fast at a great price.
Yes, this is what we specialise in. Many investors are looking for tenanted properties that they can add to their existing portfolios. You get a swift and simple sale and everything will stay the same for your tenant.
Our investors won't pay full price, but they will pay a fair price. Depending on how fast you want to sell, you will get between 80% - 90% of the market value. UK property prices rose by over 10% in 2021 alone, so this still represents a great deal for most landlords, especially when you consider the speed and simplicity of the sale, with a deal in just weeks.
We are happy to negotiate with tenants to buy their rental properties for the same or higher prices as our buyers if they want to stay there.
We have buyers that will look at portfolios up to £20 million in a single purchase. We work with investors, property funds, housing associations and companies all keen to buy full portfolios of UK housing stock
As long as we have accurate information about the property and tenancy, we can to give you a firm offer without your tenants needing to know about the sale. If you like the offer, we move forward, if not then your tenant will never know that you made the enquiry.
We are a major landlord ourselves, with over 300 tenanted properties, so we know how to manage and work with tenants. If we have to organise a viewing before a buyer commits, we will reassure your tenants that they will be kept on at the same rent. We can even pay them to provide photos/videos and organise viewings on your behalf.
No problem. Many buyers understand that cultivating long term, established tenants is often more valuable than getting maximum rent. Sometimes we can get a higher price if the tenants agree to pay slightly higher rents, and we can negotiate a compromise with landlord/tenant/buyer using the margin from the higher offer.